Sensile Technologies

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Sensile Technologies are a Swiss company that specialises in GSM telemetry units for fuel monitoring in remote tanks.

LP Gas UK Limited are UK distributors for their products.

They have a range of products that can provide tank contents reporting for LPG, Petrol, Diesel and other fuels or liquids.

They are primarily aimed at the distributors market to help with efficient delivery scheduling and the reporting and archiving of data associated with that, but they can be readily utilised by site operators, especially if they have multiple tank installations across various sites, as all the information can get centrally reported.

Other essential features include Tank contents and alarm reporting via SMS or email. Trends in usage to enable demand requirements to be predicted. Data is available in excel format making it readily exportable to other programs.

Their database has a powerful filtering function enabling the user to drill down to specific requirements and get the relevant data at the click of a mouse.


PDF iconH-SENTS Oil and Fuel Measurement System

PDF iconLPG-SENTS LPG Measurement System

PDF iconP-SENTS Petrol Measurement System