About Us

LPGas UK Limited provides Installation and Maintenance services to the LPG & Autogas market. We are UK distributors for a number of manufacturers of quality, unique LPG equipment and products. We offer 10 year testing on LPG tanks & vessels, Annual AVI inspections for LPG installations, Pressure Testing of above and below ground pipework. We can provide non destructive visual examination of underground pipework Decommissioning and recommissioning of existing and new equipment. We offer refurbishment of an extensive range of LPG equipment at our factory all tested on Liquid LPG and supplied with warranty.

Maintenance Services

We provide nationwide reactive and proactive solutions for all types of LPG equipment. We offer various levels of service, from maintenance contracts to a pay as you go service.

LPGas UK is proud of the standard of service we provide, with a reputation of speedy response with a quality service.


Installation Services

We offer a complete design and installation service. We are happy to provide any level of installation from a full turnkey solution, to those where we integrate into the client's own schedule. Either way, we offer many years experience to provide uncomplicated designs which give years of trouble free yet effective operation.



We are UK suppliers for E.Meurs B.V a world renowned provider of quality LPG products from dispenser, valves, bespoke LPG control panels, DTVC and TVC temperature compensation kits, Mastermeter calibration rigs and Hydraulic modules with MID approvals, enabling any client to have the best Tatsuno LPG hydraulics fitted into any MID approved dispenser. Meurs are also the provider of the only resettable Breakaway coupling approved for use without a lanyard .

We are UK supplier for CoMaPro.srl LPG pump and motor sets giving quality Italian LPG pumps to the UK LPG market.

Another company we are UK distributors for is Sensile Technologies and their range of GSM telemetry units, offering remote monitoring of LPG and regular fuel tanks via the internet.



LPGas UK can offer calibration inspections the best in class Meurs Mastermeter, calibrated on LPG by the world leading NMi Dutch Weights and Measures.

Temperature Compensation

Our DTVC, system is the only retrofittable temperature compensation kit for LPG, petrol and diesel dispensers & pumps. DTVC has full UK W&M approval and has proven to reduce losses caused by temperature variations. We currently have in excess of 80 dispensers in the field with our DTVC temperature compensation fitted. And have completed 2 major rollouts on client's dispensers.

LP Gas UK continues to grow year on year, we are keen to prove that you can provide great service at a reasonable price .We offer not only service, but also advice, with the customer's needs always the main priority.

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