Temperature Compensation DTVC & TVC


Density Temperature Volume Compensation (DTVC) for LPG or Temperature Volume Compensation (TVC) for all other fuels, are temperature compensation systems developed by E Meurs B.V.

They are both available as retrofit kits for new or existing dispensers.


DTVC for LPG compensates for Density, Temperature and Compressibility variations which are found in LPG across the year. All 3 variables have an effect on the fival volume calculation of the delivered product, and hence makes DTVC a vital modification to any electronic LPG dispenser.

DTVC has NMI (Netherlands Measurement Institute) approvals and UK NWML approvals.


TVC uses the same compensating algorithms, but as other fuels have fixed or negligible variations in compressiblility and density, these are set as fixed parameters and only the variation in temperature compensated for.

TVC has UK NWML (National Weights and Measures Laboratory) approvals for retrofitting to any UK fuel dispenser.

We can retrofit almost all current fuel dispensers with either DTVC for LPG or TVC for all other fuels( petrol and diesel).


PDF iconDownload the Temperature Compensation Brochure

PDF iconProof of the Pudding - Live DTVC data