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LP GAS UK Ltd MEURS TVC System APEA 2008 Award for Innovation


What is TVC & DTVC?

TVC stands for Temperature Volume Compensation. It is a retrofit kit that has been developed by E Meurs B.V in Lochem, Holland as a result of their DTVC Density & Temperature Volume Compensation system developed for LPG dispensers. It can be retrofitted to any electronic petrol or diesel dispenser.

TVC is a system designed to compensate (adjust) the displayed volume and hence the cash price of any fuel delivery to a volume as if it was at a standard temperature (15˚C).

E Meurs B.V. recently won the APEA 2008 Innovation Award for the development of the TVC & DTVC system.

LP Gas UK Limited is the UK distributor for Meurs and their products including TVC and DTVC.

DTVC has been successfully supplied and installed into LPG dispensers since 2005 making considerable savings for the retailers concerned.

We now want to follow this success and roll out the TVC system for Petrol and Diesel dispensers throughout the UK.

Why do we need Temperature Compensation?

Liquids sold by volume are affected by variations in temperature and density.

For petrol and diesel fuels, the density is a fixed factor. However when they are sold at a temperature that is different to the temperature that they were purchased at, there will either a loss or gain to the retailer. If the selling temperature is lower than the purchase temperature, there will be a loss to the retailer, and conversely if the selling temperature is higher than the purchase temperature, there will be a gain to the retailer.

TVC allows the retailer to iron out these losses / gains, at least back to 15˚C, by recalculating the dispensing volume back to the accepted standard temperature for volume measurement of liquids of 15˚C commonly known as V15. If the retailer were to purchase their fuel at V15 (temperature compensated), then all temperature losses would be eliminated.

And it’s not just us who realise that Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) is a good thing. Many countries are now adopting policies making temperature mandatory to promote fairness to the retailer and consumer. It has recently become law in Belgium and all new dispensers have to be fitted with ATC, with existing sites being retrofitted, many with our TVC system.

The Petrol Retailers Association are also in favour of ATC being fitted in order to help retailers eliminate their losses caused by temperature variations. Our TVC system is the only one that can be retrofitted to existing as well as new pumps.