LPG Dispenser

LPG dispensers should not be purchased in the same manner as petrol and diesel dispensers. LPG is a completely different product to normal fuels and you should choose your dispensing equipment with that in mind.

The characteristics of LPG mean that choosing the right dispensing equipment can give you increased reliability and having the right hydraulic unit means you have greater accuracy and less losses.

We offer the complete range of Meurs LPG dispensers.

They have different styles to enable you to match the style of your existing petrol equipment. However they all use the same hydraulic units, and benefit from Meurs features such as electronic differential valves and Temperature compensation (DTVC).

Meurs dispensers will interface to most fuel controllers and point of sale equipment and to commercial fuel controllers

Meurs Dispensers


Meurs Denver Dispenser

The Denver model has a compact and streamlined design with the housing of the model is manufactured out of stainless steel.

The counter of this LPG dispenser has a backlight display, which is standard for this model.

The Denver is available in a variety of options for colours and company emblems.

New York

Meurs New York Dispenser

The New York model is a dispenser with a modern and streamlined design.

It is available in serveral varieties among which is a two-stroke model.

The housing of the New York is built of stainless steel and other parts not visible have gone through a process to withstand corrosion.


Meurs Pisa Dispenser

The Pisa model is a variant of the New York model.

The difference is in the counter housing that is only connected to one column on the Pisa model, where as the counter housing is placed between two columns on the New York model.

The pump can be finished to meet you needs.