LPG and Autogas Installation and Maintenance

LP Gas UK prides itself on providing quality products and services to its clients, which range from the small self fill units on a farm or private dwelling, to full blown forecourt operations with dispensers controlled from the sites kiosk equipment & commercial installations with multiple tanks , and complex control systems. From the local LPG supplier to national supply companies and equipment providers.

We also offer an in house refurbishment of many LPG Autogas items such as nozzles, pumps and motors, bypass valves and meters.

LP Gas is the UK distributor for the following European companies providing sales and support to their products within the UK.

E. Meurs B.V based in Lochem, Netherlands, supplier of temperature compensated dispensers ,Mastermeters ( calibration rigs) plus a host of other quality bespoke products for the LPG industry such as solenoid valves, ball valves, control panels, DTVC and TVC retroMeurs Mastermeterfit temperature compensation kits, for petrol , diesel and LPG dispensers.

Sensile Technologies, based in Lausane, Switzerland, supplier of GSM tank telemetry systems, allowing fuel distributors to have access to tank data across all the sites they supply at the click of a mouseā€¦. No more sites running out of fuel because you have not been able to deliver on time , improved delivery scheduling thus reducing costs of distribution.

Can also be utilised by the end user to keep track of usage and fuel levels on remote tanks, or multiple tank installations from one central point.

CoMaPro s.r.l based in Italy , manufacturer of LPG pumps and motor assemblies, as well as some other LPG specific products such as bypass valves and shear valves.